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1922 Nipple Balm

1922 Nipple Balm

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Welcome, Nursing Mothers! Our 1922 Nipple Balm is here to meet your unique needs during the beautiful journey of breastfeeding. Inspired by a cherished recipe from the 1920s, this gentle balm provides essential protection and comfort for your delicate skin.

Crafted with natural ingredients and a deep understanding of the challenges of breastfeeding, our Nipple Balm offers soothing relief to tender nipples. Its nourishing formula hydrates and restores, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing experience for both you and your little one.

Experience the gentle touch of our 1922 Nipple Balm and find comfort knowing that your unique needs are met with care and quality. Add this trusted remedy to your daily routine and embrace the joy of motherhood with confidence and peace of mind.


Shea Butter, Herbal Infused Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Conditioning Wax, Seaweed Extract, Arrowroot Powder, Bergamot Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil

How to use

Use a dime-sized amount and smooth it between your hands. Rub warmed balm into your beard until fully incorporated. Beard will soften and shine after use


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Natural ingredients

We always choose the finest natural ingredients, then expertly blend them to benefit your hair, skin, and mind. ♡